FastEngine is one of the most efficient web search applications that reduces searching flow of multiple websites.


  • Complete a search keyword without typing
    FastEngine 2021 March Update (v6.6) Typing keyboard is onerous thing on mobile. FastEngine always aimed at less interactions between user and device to find what user want. Just tap arrow button from suggestions, It will make the keyword what you want. When you tap it, it autocompletes a keyword from suggestions and you can keep […]
  • ChangeLog
    April 10 (v6.6.3) Fixed a bug that distorts webpage when you rotates a phone.  March 2 (v6.6.2) New Feature : Now you can complete search query via simple arrow click on suggestion list. February 17 (v6.5.3) Fixed search bar bug that could be disappeared sometimes. Fixed app crash that occurs when user enter invalid characters […]
  • How to open keyboard without touching search bar?
    FastEngine 2021 January Update (v6.5) How to open keyboard without touching the search bar? It is huge challenge to approach top of tall screen. Until now. From now on, FastEngine v6.5 provides the other way to open keyboard with touching the search bar. Just tap selected tab again, and then search keyboard will be popped […]
  • 2020 ChangeLog
    December 20 (v6.4.1220) Fixed ANR(Application Not Responding) issue that occurs when device has old chromium(v70). December 13 (v6.4.1213) This update contains bug fixes and stability improvements. – Fixed search box detection that did not work for some websites when user tries to add new website. – Fixed bug that causes app crashing sometimes on Android […]
  • New Feature: Search by text selection
    FastEngine November Update(v6.4.1108) contains a new feature that helps searching without bothersome steps. Now you can instantly search on web page’s text or whatever selectable text. How to? Select a text that you want to search for. Touch “FastEngine” to search. Or if you can’t find, Touch 3 dots button. Touch “FastEngine”. That’s all!

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